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If you can inmagine it...we can create it.
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Work with Play! for your next interactive project.

In 2005, SIM made a dramatic shift in its multimedia production team and introduced Play! The idea was that if ‘work’ felt like ‘play’ the result would be extremely creative and highly productive.

In the last 2 years we have switched every tool, every software application and every process to Play! --- fun, simple and highly rewarding.

And we made sure out clients met Play! too.

Today Play!! is more than just the name of our interactive media group…it’s a philosophy.

The fact is most people ‘play at work’. But here….our developers, designers, directors and programmers Work at Play!

We have had such a tremendous response to Play! that in the next 6 months all of our corporate identity will be absorbed by Play!

So come Play! with us and discover a new way of getting the job done.

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